Sunday, September 16, 2007

Adventures of demon child sneak peak (rough draft).

Adventures of a demon Child Twelve year old William Hellstorm walked briskly down the halls of La Presa middle school, ready for his first day of seventh grade. He was one of the most popular kids at school and as he walked past numerous groups of cliques he received inviting looks from a number of girls. Those girls thought he was the best example of the male species. Unlike some boys who were in their afraid of cooties stage he was perfectly mature about being around girls. In fact he liked it more than being around boys for obvious reasons. Those girls thought the world of William; they thought he was perfectly normal. Though he knew the truth. You see William had a special gift that most humans didn’t; he had the ability to sense evil creatures. Vampires, werewolves, and ghost he could sense them all. He didn’t know why he had this power but he knew that those creatures were dangerous and he usually he tried to avoid them but lately things were changing. “Hey Lawrence” William yelled to his friend who was sitting on a bench next to the library. The boy rushed to his friend near the library to say and was about to say what’s up when all of a sudden he could sense an evil creature. Though this time was different from all the rest. William’s eyes suddenly turned a shade blood red and he had an unmistakable bloodlust. “I have to kill it” he whispered to himself. Lawrence still hadn’t heard William only because had snuck his mp3 player into school and was listening to various Marilyn Manson songs trying to sing along horribly. In a flash William had jumped onto one of the classrooms. Good thing this is an outdoor school. William could feel each muscle in his body surging with new found energy, though he had no idea where it had come from. William’s senses were leading him to whatever creature was in the school the rays of the sun made it difficult to see all the different students. Then he found him, there was a boy walking with no backpack. That wasn’t the weird part though the boy was walking with an open umbrella over his head. Why would he need an umbrella unless he’s a … faster than the human eye could blink William was behind the boy and they both stopped at once. “Vampire leave now before I kill you” William said loud enough so that only the two of them could hear. “Well that was rude” the boy murmured in a rather calm voice “hi my name’s Ezekiel and I already know your name is William. Seeing how you could tell I was a Vampire so quickly you must be one of them” Ezekiel said without even a drop of fear. One of them? “I’m one of whom, you better start answer my questions are your dust” William said starting to get louder. “William calm down it doesn’t matter who your one of, what does matters is before you could kill me I could easily have a drink or two if you catch my drift”. This place is too crowded if I start a fight now too many people will get hurt and I can’t do that on the first day of school, maybe the second day. William hesitated and when he blinked Ezekiel was gone from sight and William’s eyes were blue again. Was he even he at all. William sighed, combed his brown hair with his finger and mumbled “this is going to be a long year”. After school while William was walking with his friends he saw Ezekiel walking still holding his umbrella over his head. “See you later guys” William said to his friends. He started to walk away from them just in time for his eyes to change back to their blood red shade. William quickly started to walk behind Ezekiel not caring where he led him. About every thirty minutes Ezekiel would realign his umbrella with the sun by the time the two stopped. They were in what looked like a lumberyard and the sun was setting. “Are you ready to meet your doom?” Ezekiel announced with a grin. “I was just about to ask you the same thing” William said ready to get down and dirty. As the sun sunk out of sight Ezekiel threw his umbrella to the ground and rushed William. Ezekiel jumped at William’s neck, though he wasn’t quick enough, William jumped back just in time to feel the wind off of Ezekiel’s hand. Even though he had missed his attack Ezekiel kept pursuing William, each time trying to grab his throat. How can I kill this guy, seeing how the sun won’t be helping me out I guess I’ll have to use decapitation. Then all at once William stopped trying to dodge the attacks and Ezekiel was about five seconds from ripping William’s windpipe out. I can feel that energy pulsing through every cell in my body. Ezekiel came swiftly he was just about to punch William in the face, when William grabbed Ezekiel’s fist. “Your not suppose to be this strong yet” Ezekiel said flabbergasted. Before Ezekiel could react William pulled in Ezekiel’s arm and punched him in the face hard enough to knock him onto the ground a few feet away. “You’re better than I thought” Ezekiel said as he got up “but you don’t have my killer instinct”. As soon as Ezekiel finished saying that William was already running towards him. William tried to land a blow on Ezekiel’s face but he wasn’t quick enough. Ezekiel grabbed his wrist, turned away from him, and threw William over his shoulder. William hit the ground like a drunken man driving hits a metal pole; Hard. “Ouch” William said as he got up from the ground. “If he was human I would have ripped off his arm” Ezekiel said to himself. William looked around until he saw an axe on the ground probably left by some lumberjack. When I’m done here, there going to call this place decapitation station. William started ran to the axe, picked it up and turned around and was horrified at what he saw. Actually it’s what he didn’t see. Where’d he go? William looked all around him but saw no signs of Ezekiel. Then he heard a voice that didn’t seem to come from any particular direction “I’d love to play a little more but it seems business has come up and besides I’m getting thirsty”. It’s just the first day of school and I’m already getting my butt kicked these evil freaks. William looked down at his arm that was injured and was happy that it wasn’t torn off. My arm hurts more than Lindsay Lohan’s head when she having a hangover. When William arrived home his parents were worried about him. His father Gorge didn’t know where to start. “William where have you been and is that blood your shoulder?” Gorge asked with concern. William looked down at his arm and saw that a drop of blood was trickling down his arm. That son of a gun. “I guess it is but you know us Hellstorm’s nothing can stop us”. Marian, Gorge’s wife knew she had to tell him. “Gorge it’s time we told him” Marian said with grief in her voice. Gorge looked at her with eyes that almost screamed “it’s not time yet” but Marian was determined to get the truth off her chest. “William were not your real parents”. If William’s world was a mirror it had shattered right there. “But…” William began to protest “… we have the same last name”. This can’t be true they have to be kidding, that’s it I’m being punked any second now Aston Kucher is going to cut off the cameras. Gorge walked past Marian and clarified “actually we’re the Hailstorm’s and you’re William Hellstorm”. William couldn’t take any more of this, he tried to push past them both to get to the stairs, but Gorge wanted to talk about this. Get out of the way you old coot! Before he knew what he had done William used his inhuman strength and pushed Gorge into a wall knocking him unconscious. Looking at Gorge lying next to the wall so weak, so fragile. It made William feel almost demonic. What have I done. William knew he couldn’t stay there anymore everything he knew about his family was a lie. Within the next five minutes William ran up the spiraling stairs to his room, pack some clothes into his white and black camouflage backpack, and ran out the door. William ran into the street just as it started to rain. The heavens are crying for me so I don’t have to. William knew he had to tell someone about what had just happened to him, about his powers. There’s only one person I could go to know. Twenty minutes of walking later, William was knocking on the door of the only friend who would believe him Carl Spence. When Carl opened the door William wanted to feel welcome and safe to bad that’s not what he got. “What the Hell are you doing here it’s 11:00 p.m.”. William said in his now hoarse voice “ I need a place to crash”. Carl being as generous as he was let him into the house. “You can come in but if my mom wake’s up we’re not going to be able to sit down for a week”. Once the two were in Carl’s room William had tried off using Carl’s blankets and then he spilt his guts. William told him everything about his powers, about his parents, and Carl reacted like anyone other twelve year old boy would. “Alright William I’m going to remove all the sharp objects from the room and then we’re going get you some help, I mean there’s pills you can take and …”. William decided he’d have to show him. In the next moment William was standing behind Carl and his blood red eyes were glowing in the night. Carl jumped back into a wall, his heart trying to jump out his chest trying to make a run for it. As Carl watched William walk to the window lightning struck “do you believe me now” William asked solemnly. Carl wanted to say he believed him, that everything was going to be alright but nothing came out.

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