Thursday, July 5, 2007


It's time to talk about one of the biggest problems in the world right now and I'm not just talking about African Americans talking about how the man is keeping them down. I'm going to talk about how Caucasians (white folk) are being racist to and Asians, Mexicans all of the maybe not all in this post but I will. I'm not going to talk about how da five-0 keeping da black man down just yet (sorry my fellow African Americans yes that's right I'm not some white nerd on the computer with pocket protectors I am a black boy with things on my mind go ahead send hate mail KKK). Anyway I have something to say about white people those of you who are racist I'll have some words for you later that might have the words : uck you with maybe another letter in there somewhere preferably a F and preferably in the front. But I want to talk about how all white people get messed up for something that never did in there life. I mean I believe in punishing the evils of the KKK but not all white people are racist and I know some of the African Americans are mad at me for saying that. A third of my friends are Caucasian I mean and there not born knowing not to say certain words. Especially at school like mine because there are a lot of black people who are stupid (notice I didn't say African Americans) and when your one white guy around a lot of angry black guys there going to blame you for about almost everything. If that's you probably going to beat up sooner or later. But I'm getting away from my point what I'm trying to say is a lot of white people are trying to stop racism and not tell there kids about it and that's the only way to make it die. But mostly Black people are keeping it alive and won't let it die even if it never happens to them in there entire life. I'm not saying all white people aren't racist to African Americans shoot I know some black people who are racist to African Americans but black folk if you keep holding on to the past you won't be able to turn to the future. But still if you see a white guy or if your a girl and you see a white girl say they are racist punch them in the nose and beat the crud out of them.

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